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Private Coaching

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to learn at your own pace, on a schedule that works for you, in the style of dance of your choosing.

No expensive contracts are necessary, book one lesson or a package of lessons (5, 10) with the instructor of your choice. Lesson times are flexible and tailored to your busy schedule. 

A lesson can be booked for an individual or a couple at no extra charge. 

Don't wait, schedule your first private lesson today and start to enjoy the healthy benefits associated with social dancing. Regular Single Private Lesson Price $80.00

Pricing: Lessons are 55 minutes each.
Special pricing for the month of April & May.
Single Private Lesson $65.00 
5 Lesson Package $300.
10 Lesson Package $500.
Lessons will be provided at students home or at our Franklinton, NC office-studio.

Book a lesson with Wesley Boz
Book a lesson with Debbie Ramsey