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Grow Your Dance Program

Grow Your Dance Progran in Raleigh

Purchase a monthly series (4 weeks) for $40.00  Prepay online or at the door.
Single Drop-In Class $15.00 (drop-in's are allowed on the first night of a monthly series).

Location: Temple Beth Or - 5315 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh.

Have questions? Debbie's cell: 919-274-4400 email me

New topics featured every month. Thursday Night's @ 7 pm

Hi, I'm Debbie Ramsey, a life long dancer, dance instructor and choreographer. - I am excited to be bringing a new dance program to the Raleigh and Research Triangle area. The goal of this program is to help you understand how movement technique works throughout all dance forms, and then teach you how to apply that technique to your personal dancing. Together, we will explore a number of different dance styles, while helping you build control and confidence that you can bring to the social or competitive dance floors. 

This new series spans 9 months, and is broken down into 4 week units. Each unit will explore different topics and styles of dance. This nine month training series is open to west coast swing and serious social dancers with at least 6-12 months of dance experience. It will be challenging, and a fun program for those dancers who do the work necessary to see the results they desire.

You can choose to attend a single (4 week) series, or the entire nine month series. We allow an individual to "drop-in" for a single class, only on the first night of a new monthly class series ($15). The real benefits come from attending the entire program. By experiencing different dance styles, over the course of time, you end up challenging yourself to be that better, well rounded dancer you see and admire on the dance floor.

Purchase a monthly series (4 weeks) for $40.00  Single Drop-In Class $15.00 (drop-in's are allowed on the first night of a monthly series).
Location: Temple Beth Or - 5315 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh

FEBRUARY  6th - 27th  (4 weeks $40)  "Build A Pattern". Focus will be on the pieces of patterns, their flow and patience.
MARCH  5th - 26th (4 weeks $40)  "Totally Technique". Learn different core drills you can practice at home that don't need a partner. Spins, turns, rhythm drills.
APRIL  2nd - 30th (4 weeks $40)  "Flashy West Coast Swing Basics". Dress up simple patterns to make them standout.
MAY  7th - 21st  (3 weeks $30)  " See The Similarities". See how swing rhythms fit into other dance styles - balboa, cha cha, salsa.
JUNE  4th - 25th (4 weeks $40)  "Move With The Music". Learn musicality drills, phrasing to the music. Must know west coast swing basics.
JULY  2nd - 30th (5 weeks $50)  "Learn Core Motion by Learning Carolina Shag". Learn to control your center, take smaller steps through shag dancing.
AUGUST  6th- 27th & SEPTEMBER 3rd - 10th (combined months - 6 weeks $60)  West Coast Swing & Blues Fusion. What do you do when the music slows down.
OCTOBER  1st - 29th (4 weeks $40) Perfecting Lead & Follow. Learn upper level partnering drills and how to incorporate it into all your dances.

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Credits and Awards
Further Credits: Debbie is a three time winner of the Feather Award for "Top Female Teacher in the United States", California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee, two-time Humanitarian Award Winner (East and West Coast) for her impact on and support of the national Swing Dance communities. Debbie has choreographed routines for U.S. Swing Dance Champions, World Swing Dance Champions, Ballroom Champion and of course Film and Television. Debbie holds many titles on her own including U.S. Swing Dance Champion, World Swing Dance Champion, California Swing Dance Champion, Swing Jack and Jill Champion.She continues to travel nationally instructing at teacher training seminars and educating thousands of dancers each year in the art of dance.As an educator and choreographer for the social dance communities, Debbie is considered a master instructor. Many of our local dance instructors have trained with Debbie before embarking upon their own dance careers.