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Sunday Afternoon Family Reunion Dance Party

Sunday Afternoon Family Reunion Dance Party - June 30th, 2024

Our Reunion Party is back, and we are looking forward to seeing many of our dance friends and family members at this fun afternoon of dancing, games and socializing.

LOCATION: Raleigh Elks Lodge.

This is FREE and open to everyone, including your children and grandchildren.

Join us at 3:30 pm till 6 pm for an afternoon of lite snacks, beverages, swing dance, line dances, games and socializing. 

If you would like to contribute some food to the afternoon, we would love it.

Reconnect with your dance friends from a different age (when you were single and dancing every night lol).  Need to contact us? Email

SUNDAY EVENING SWING DANCING starts at 6 pm with a Beginner and Intermediate East Coast Swing Lesson. Swing dancing from 7 pm till 10:30 pm DJ Wesley Boz. ADMISSION: Public $15, Students (14-24 yrs) $10 .